Monday, 28 December 2015

New Music Monday

New Music Monday

Hey guys! We all know Mondays are a bit rubbish, so from now on every Monday I'm gonna be sharing a new band with you guys that I'm sure you'll all love. Make sure you check every Monday to see!

Orchard Hill

If you read my post about the best album of the year, then you'll know that I like a lot of the heavier stuff. But at the moment I can't stop listening to the female-fronted Orchard Hill, a pop-rock band from Oxfordshire. So far they have one EP, Make It Out Alive, and two singles, Gravity and Who We Are, out, which are all a great listen for when you're in the mood for some softer stuff. The title track from the EP is their best song in my opinion, with a massive chorus that you can't help sing along to. In Bliss, the final track of the Make It Out Alive EP, is also a good one, with both male and female singing in a very powerful ballad.

FFO: Paramore, The Pretty Reckless

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