Saturday, 13 February 2016

Top 5 Anti-Love Songs

Top 5 Anti-Love Songs

It's nearly Valentine's Day, so most music blogs will probably have some nice love songs to celebrate at the moment. But I'm single and bitter, so here's my top 5 angry, grumpy and miserable anti-love songs, in no particular order:

Slipknot - Everything Ends
Slipknot have always been a pretty angry band, but their second album, Iowa, is an explosion of uncontrollable rage, none of the songs more so than Everyhthing Ends. The song is about how singer Corey was affected after being treated pretty badly and eventually left by his girlfriend, but unlike other songs about similar stuff, it has some of the best-written  lyrics there are on this theme, before a chorus that sounds like it's about to rip your face off and throw it across the room. 

Parkway Drive - Romance Is Dead
It's a classic from Parkway's legendary debut, Killing With A Smile, but people often assume wrongly what the lyrics of Romance Is Dead are about. Rather than being from a personal point of view, it's written about how many people only think about themselves in a relationship and, in the words of vocalist Winston, "wouldn't know love if it crossed your fucking chest." As well as the lyrics it's also a great song sound wise, with a breakdown perfect for when it's Valentine's Day and you're on your own and bitter. Grrr.  

Thy Art Is Murder - Whore To A Chainsaw
Well, the name of this one pretty much tells you all you need to know. All deathcore is pretty hateful, but this song, and the rest of the EP, take that to another level. From Thy Art's infamously brutal and slightly unhinged Infinite Death, this is pretty much the perfect anti-love song for a lonely Valentine's Day. 

Bullet For My Valentine - Hand Of Blood
What better way to get revenge on someone who left who than killing them? (Not really, don't go around killing people. Seriously.) Even though they're not usually thought of as a particularly nasty band, Hand of Blood, from Bullet's first album the Poison is about killing someone after they dump you, but then regretting it straight after. Most of the album was about Matt's girlfriend leaving him, but I had to pick Hand of Blood for this list, because nothing is more anti-love than killing your ex. 

Ice Nine Kills - Finding Emo (Family Unities)
Ice Nine Kills are a pretty well-known band in metalcore at the moment, but their first screamo/post-hardcore album, Last Chance to Make Amends is much less famous, even though it's some of their best work. Most of the other songs on this list are angry and bitter, but Finding Emo is more of a calmer, sad sound for the most part. It's not as much anti-love as the other songs on this list, but it's still a great song for if you're more sad than bitter this Valentine's Day. 

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