Saturday, 30 January 2016

Bury Tomorrow - Earthbound Review

Bury Tomorrow - Earthbound Review

Yesterday English metalcore band Bury Tomorrow dropped their 4th album, Earthbound, the first album from my list of 10 albums to look forward to this year. It's safe to say that this is maybe their best album yet, and will put the in a great position ready for their massive upcoming tour supporting Parkway Drive. 

The Eternal is a great, no-nonsense opener for the album, with blistering riffs getting the album off to a nice heavy start. The next two songs, Last Light and Earthbound, take a more melodic direction, which is just as good as, if not better than, the heavier opener. Both songs have a massive chorus which will sound even better live, and the catchy guitar hook from the title track has been stuck in my head since I first heard the song. The next song, The Burden, takes on a bit of a heavier sound again, with crushing riffs and intense drumming building up to another massive clean-sung chorus, which again will definitely be great live. Cemetery has a bit more of a simple approach, which is enjoyable but I have to say this song isn't really up to the bar that most of the other songs set. However, it still has some good moments; towards the end it gets going a bit more, and the guitarist finally gets to show what he can do for the first time this song. Restless and Cold proves that Cemetery was just a small blip, with slow verses that build up well before hitting you with another intense chorus, before a huge breakdown, although the breakdown was a little short to be as heavy as the band intended. 301 is another fast paced, aggressive one, with yet another big chorus. But this is overshadowed by the guest vocals in the track - the vocals are just awful, and the lyrics are ridiculously cringy. I have no idea who let him on this album, but it was obviously a mistake. The 3rd single, Memories, is another more melodic one, and this what Bury Tomorrow do best. I have to be honest, the clean choruses were starting to get a bit repetitive, but Memories reminds you of just how amazing they can be, and this song also has some of the best guitar work in metalcore right now. The final two tracks aren't particularly outstanding, there's some nice riffs and melodies in both, and For Us has the best breakdown on the album, but they're mostly a bit formulaic. Overall, Earthbound is definitely a great album, with a good mixture of heavy riffs and melodies, but there are a couple of songs which are essentially just fillers, and aren't exactly going to set the world on fire. 

Score - 8/10

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