Monday, 4 January 2016

New Music Monday

New Music Monday: Hummano

Deathcore has been starting to get a bit stale in the last few years, so the Spanish Hummano are pretty refreshing in their approach to the extreme subgenre. Unlike most other deathcore bands, they don't take themselves seriously; I mean, look at the cover of their album We Hate You All!!! The songs themself are also not very serious lyrically, particularly the 7-second I Blew My Dog And I Liked It. (Yes, you read that right.) As for their sound, they go for a bit of an old-school deathcore approach, with only one guitarist, which is almost unheard of in deathcore now. I'm a big fan of the vocal style as well - most bands use the most 'br00tal' low growls possible, while Hummano use some much more raw screams and growls, and even go beyond the usual 2 note range a lot of deathcore vocalists have these days.

FFO: Despised Icon, Carnifex

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