Sunday, 10 January 2016

Why Do Attila Get So Much Hate?

Why Do Attila Get So Much Hate?

Unfortunately it's normal in metal that unless you're Slayer or Pantera, you're band's gonna get a load of hate. But Attila are on a whole different level with the amount of hate they get. But why? Well the lyrics are probably part of it. You probably already sort of know what they're like, but if you don't, here's some of the lyrics from the song About That Life: "I'm a bad motherfucker not a fucking role model, fuck church, hit a bong, then go smash a fucking bottle..." and so on, more like what you'd hear in rap than metal. While they don't take themselves seriously, and neither do most of the fans, a lot of people just think they're stupid. Which to be honest, they are, but that's the point; it's just supposed to be fun music.

They also get a lot of hate because of Chris Fronzak, aka Fronz, the frontman. The lyrics I quoted from About That Life pretty much tell you all you need to know about how he can be. I mean, he recently ran a competition where the winner won a tattoo of his face. (What a time to be alive.) But he seems like he can be a pretty cool guy as well, or at least people who've talked to him say he can be. He's also a seriously good businessman, whether you like him or not - he's managed to make Attila pretty famous, and also owns a clothing company (Stay Sick) and record label, which has released a couple of great albums so far. (The  Plot In You and Enterprise Earth) He's also released a rap album, which isn't for me, but was still reasonably successful, and he's pretty well off after all of this.

So even though most people know Attila don't take themselves seriously, there's always gonna be haters. (And Attila songs about them.) What do you think? Do you hate them, are you a fan, or do you just not care? Tell me in the comments!

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