Monday, 18 January 2016

Is Nu Metal Coming Back?

Is Nu Metal Coming Back?

Older readers might remember the good ol' days of Nu Metal in the late 90s and early 00s, when it seemed like everyone was headbanging to Limp Bizkit while wearing the baggiest trousers they could find. But then as soon as it appeared, it went away, and suddenly was the most uncool thing around. Most of the bands changed their sound, like Linkin Park or Deftones, or were just forgotten. 

But now, more than 10 years after it died, nu metal looks like it could be returning - Emmure have been making nu metal-influenced music for a while now, and other bands like Attila (who I wrote about here) are starting to catch on. There's even nu metalcore now, which is bands like Sworn In and Issues. Established bands are also starting to join in - Crushed from Parkway Drive's Ire has a definite nu metal feel going on, and Suicide Silence have hinted that their next album could have some nu metal influence.

So what are some good newer bands with bringing back nu metal? Here's 3 of the best:

The Japanese Crossfaith have been around for a while, but have only become famous in the last couple of years. Their mix of EDM and metalcore obviously takes influence from the days when nu metal bands like Linkin Park also used a DJ, except they have even more electronic sounds, so that you don't know whether to dance or mosh.

Stray From The Path
Stray have been around for a while as well ,but it's only the last 2 albums where they've started to take on a more nu metal-inspired sound. As well as a truckload of Rage Against the Machine influence, they're adding nu-metal styled riffs (in songs like Badge & a Bullet or Outbreak) and also starting to have vocals which are kinda like rapping mixed withg screaming. (Sounds weird but it works.)

Of all the fusion genres out there, djent and grime is the last one you'd expect. But that's what Hacktivist play, and it works brilliantly. Their rapping mixed with heavy power chord riffs definitely has a very nu metal vibe, but at the same time their style is something completely new and unique. Definitely one of the best new bands out there right now.

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