Monday, 11 January 2016

New Music Monday

New Music Monday: The One Hundred

These guys are one of the most unique bands out there at the moment. Their music is a mix of metalcore, grime and EDM which is sort of like Enter Shikari, but even better. ES are the only band I've ever heard that you could compare The One Hundred to; it's great to hear a band like them in a sea of others doing the same thing everyone else has been doing for years.

Their 2014 EP Subculture, their only release so far, is one of my favourite releases in the last couple of years. Vocalist Jacob can easily switch between rapping, singing and screaming, being equally great at all 3, while the electronics work together perfectly with the more riffy guitar-based sections. Some of the songs, in particular Downfall, are more on the EDM and rap side of things - Downfall includes a few bursts of all-out dubstep - while some of their songs are closer to their metal influences, such as Breed, which has some nice riffs and great growled vocals. These guys definitely look like they're going to make it big: they're completely different from the other bands out there at the moment, and when they get a full-length album out could be going on to some big things. They've already played at Download Festival last Summer, incredible for a band who haven't released a full-length album yet, which shows that they really mean business.

FFO: Enter Shikari, Hacktivist, Crossfaith

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